Voters keep mayor, council members, sales tax

Voters keep mayor, council members, sales tax

SOUTHWEST OKLAHOMA_Voters in Lawton, Marlow and Ryan headed to the polls to cast their ballot on a sales tax proposition and who will represent their interests in local government.

Lawton residents voted for mayor and residents in Ward 1 and Ward 2 were able to vote for their council member. Mayor Fred Fitch, Councilman Bob Morford and Councilman Keith Jackson have all been chosen to keep their positions for three more years.

Marlow residents had two propositions on their ballot. The first proposition dealt with CenterPoint Energy and whether or not they'll be granted a 25-year non-exclusive agreement to operate in the city. The second proposition was whether or not to extend a one-cent sales tax for capital improvement. Both propositions passed by an overwhelming amount. Proposition 1 passed 201-9. Proposition 2 passed 195-14.

Ryan residents were asked to decide who will be added to the Board of Trustees for the next four years. There were two openings for a four-year term and one opening to finish out an unexpired two-year term. David Jackson and Terry Grantham will serve the Ryan Board of Trustees for the next four years after they secured 76 and 65 votes respectively. Tammy Cotton will finish out an unexpired two-year term after receiving 57 votes.

A full breakdown of election results can be found below.

City of Lawton


Fred Fitch -2,638

Sherene L. Williams -2,027

Council Member Ward 1

Robert Boyd Morford III -262

Andrew Hayes -127

Larry Walls -109

Council Member Ward 2

Keith Jackson -486

Mark Malone -222

Town of Ryan

Board of Trustees; Two openings, Four-year term

David Jackson -76

Terry Grantham -65

Jerry G. Dalton -59

Elmer Helloms -42

Bill McManus -22

Tammy Wallace Huskey -11

Board of Trustees (Unexpired); One opening, Two-year term

Tammy Cotton -57

Brenda L. Aden -47

James Terry -24

Max Weldon Thomas -12

City of Marlow

Prop 1

Shall Ordinance No. 407 of the City of Marlow, Oklahoma, granting to CenterPoint Energy Resources Corp., d/b/a CenterPoint Energy Oklahoma Gas, its successors and assigns, for a period of twenty-five years from approval and acceptance of this ordinance, a non-exclusive franchise and right to enter the public ways to install, operate and maintain a distribution system along, across, over and under public ways for the transportation, distribution and sale of gas to consumers and the public generally in the City of Marlow; defining the words and phrases therein; providing for assignment, sale or lease of the franchise; providing for regulation of service; establishment depth of pipelines; establishing rights and duties in the movement and alteration of pipelines; providing for indemnification of the City of Marlow; providing for grantee's records; requiring grantee to pay a franchise fee of two percent (2%) of gross sales; providing for the submission of this ordinance to an election of qualified voters of the City; providing for acceptance of franchise by grantee and operative date thereof; and declaring an emergency; be approved by the people?

Yes -201

No -9

Prop 2

Shall Ordinance No. 409 of the Mayor and Council of the City of Marlow, Oklahoma, extending the termination date of the one percent (1%) sales tax levied by City Ordinance No. 335 for an additional twenty-five years from October 1, 2017 until September 20, 2042; providing that the revenues derived from said sales tax shall be used for the same purpose as provided in Ordinance 335 which is for capital expenditures for the use and benefit of the City of Marlow, Oklahoma (the City) and any public trust having the City as a beneficiary thereof and/or for the payment of debt service in connection with obligations issued to finance said capital expenditures; providing for the administration and collection of tax; requiring the filing of returns; providing for interest and penalties for failure to pay tax when due; providing for tax payers to keep records; requiring vendors to collect tax from purchasers at time of sale; establishing liens; authorizing the City Council to make administrative and technical changes and additions, except tax rate; making the tax cumulative; providing severability of provisions; requiring approval of the Ordinance by the majority of registered voters voting at an election held for such purpose as provided by law; and fixing an effective date and termination date be approved?

Yes -195

No -14