Dalton Gang looking to land tv show

Dalton Gang looking to land tv show
Lawton resident Jesse Dalton has been hoping to get the chance to film his own outdoor television show for nearly a year. Now, Dalton has his opportunity. With the help of a camera crew, he and his cousin/fishing partner Heath Morgan are producing their own hour-long pilot episode for a show that has already drawn interest from a few major networks.

"Me and my partner Eric Lynch, who is a producer for Crappie Masters TV, and works with Bass Pro Shops, came to me and said, hey man I'd really like to shoot a show with you so we can take it to a network and have it pitched," Dalton recounted. "We came into that idea and started contacting a few networks. The networks got back to us and said they really liked the idea and wanted to see what we could come up with."

Instead of partnering with a production company, the Dalton Gang is producing the show on their own, and then pitch it to the networks. The show plans to be different than other outdoor programs, and play off the personalities of Dalton and Morgan.

"It's me and my partner Heath (Morgan) presenting outdoors extreme sports to a youth audience," Dalton said. "There's a lot of people out there and a lot of different generations of people in different suburban areas around the country that never have the chance to go noodling or even think about it. So I say why not present it to them?"

"We try to keep it lighthearted, definitely crack a lot of jokes and have a lot of fun while we're out there," Morgan added.

If things go well with the pilot episode, Dalton and Morgan hope to then shoot a multiple-episode season of the show, and venture away from home to do so.

"I would really like to end up traveling a lot and going and doing different outdoor sports all over the place rather than just doing it right here in Oklahoma," said Dalton.

The Dalton Gang's exploits have caught the attention of many people locally. Dalton is the host for this weekend's third annual Gone Fishin' Noodling Tournament in Medicine Park, and some of the proceeds will go to help victims of the recent floods.

"It's amazing that once again the community has come out and asked us to do something like that to host a tournament," Morgan said. "Obviously we're pretty new to the sport. We're still learning, but  it's amazing that they would give us this opportunity and we're going to do our best to take the tournament."