Flooding delays Comanche Nation Waterpark opening

Flooding delays Comanche Nation Waterpark opening

LAWTON, Okla._Now that the kids are out of school and the skies have cleared, many in the Lawton area have wondered when the Comanche Nation Waterpark will open.

It was scheduled to open at the end of May, but the flooding caused extensive damage. Crews have been working as quickly as they can to make the needed repairs, but it has forced them to delay their opening date, to the frustration of water-lovers everywhere.

Bill Shoemate, the general manager, says the water park will probably open in July. And that's not the answer season pass holders want to hear.

Gloria O'Connor is one of the annoyed ticket holders. She bought them for her grandchildren and called 7News for help in finding out what's taking so long for the park to open.

"You know, we need water. We need somewhere to be able to go, and I put out the money for the water park tickets and it's not feasible to buy others or go somewhere else since I have tied up the money already," said O'Connor.

Shoemate says he shares the public's frustration over the unexpected delay.

"We want to get the park open because it is entertainment for the whole family," said Shoemate.

Shoemate said the damage was extensive. The motors that help pump the water to the slides are underground and had to be completely replaced. Much of the park was under two feet of water, causing water damage inside many of the buildings. Shoemate says they also had to bring in a professional crew to dry everything out.

O'Connor and her grandkids will need to be patient for a little while longer, and that's not easy.

"Oh yes, we've got towels, they've got swimsuits and they are just ready. We are just waiting for the time to say we are open," said O'Connor.

Shoemate says a lot of progress has been made. The pools have been cleaned and all the pumps and motors have been repaired and are good to go. They still have to put insulation and sheet rock in the kitchen area. All of the food and supplies have be shipped out and more brought back in.

Shoemate does not have an estimate of the damage caused by the flooding. He also said they do not have flood insurance.

To make up for time lost, they plan on extending the season into September.