Fort Sill celebrates Army's 240th birthday

Fort Sill celebrates Army's 240th birthday

FORT SILL, Okla._The Army celebrated 240 years of protecting American freedom Friday.

Singing and laughter filled McNair Hall on Fort Sill as it held its yearly ceremony to mark the momentous occasion. The youngest private on Fort Sill, 17-year-old Jonathan Baird, cut the Army birthday cake as is tradition to connect the future of the Army with the past.

Fort Sill Chief of Staff Colonel Tracy Banister says this is a special day in the history of the Army that should always be remembered.

"Future Army birthdays, I hope they are a lot like this. All we do is we add new uniforms to the group because what we are celebrating is from 240 years ago through infinity, and we want to make sure we never forget each one of those periods," said Col. Banister.

In 1775, the Army was originally formed to protect the freedom of the first 13 colonies. A Flag Day ceremony was also scheduled, but it was canceled due to rain this morning.