Bike auction raises money for Crime Stoppers

LAWTON, Okla_ Lawton residents were able to play their role in fighting crime Saturday and in return walk away with a bike at a cheap price.

The Lawton Crime Stoppers held their annual bike auction. Around 150 bikes that were either donated or seized were auctioned off.

All the money raised today goes towards rewards that Crime Stoppers offers for tips leading to arrests.

Some sold for a few dollars others went in the triple digits. No matter what it sold for it went to a good cause.

"Anything we get, every dollar we make just helps Crime Stoppers," Mike Newell, Crime Stoppers Board President, said.

He says despite the weather, the bids were flying this morning, many coming to get a child a bike.

"The kids get involved with the bidding and they're bidding $2 or $3. It's wonderful. If they get a nice bike to take home and use that serves two purposes. It raises money for Crime Stoppers, but also gives them something they can go and use," Newell said.

Zacari Hooks is one of those kids riding away in style Saturday with her new bike.

"I like the pink and I thought it was good for me," Hooks said.

Her grandma, LaTonya Simons took Zacari to the auction Saturday and they both got a bike.

"I got one for myself and I got one for her. We are going to ride around," Simons said.

That's exactly what Newell says this event and Crime Stoppers is all about.

"Get the community involved. So if we can get those kids now and teach them. Hopefully, learn more than just buying a bike but learn about Crime Stoppers and the idea of helping all of Southwest Oklahoma stop crime," Newell said.