Local couple builds monument to US military

Local couple builds monument to US military

TEMPLE, Okla._In honor of Flag Day, we talked to one local couple about what the American flag means to them.

Jack and Millie Foster moved into their home outside of Temple about two years ago, and this spring they built a monument to show their support for the branches of the U.S. military.

Even though neither Millie nor Jack were in the military, almost all of their immediate family has served their country in one branch or another. They say the flag in their yard is a testament to all who drive by of what it truly means to be an American.

"That flag means everything. That is my life," said Foster.

Jack Foster says he spent two weeks putting the monument together, pouring the concrete and even erecting the 10-gauge flag pole himself.

"I am a true 100 percent American and I wanted to put my flag up in the air. I wanted a fairly large one and where no one is going to take it down or walk on it or disgrace it in anyway," said Foster.

The flag and flag pole were both made in America. Foster says they had to scour the Internet to find a flag made in the U.S., but they finally found a company that makes them in Orange, Texas.

"The American flag is 100 percent polyester and I am going to see if I can order a polyester for our troops," said Foster.

The flag is even strong enough to withstand Oklahoma winds.

"Our American flag, it has withstood what they said was 80- or 90-mile an hour winds and higher, when the tornadoes went through this area," he said.

Foster says when people drive down Highway 65 they wave, give a thumbs up and stop to take pictures of their hard work.

"We have even had a lady to put a note in the mailbox appreciating what we have done and her husband was retired military," he said.

Foster says that is what makes it all worth, sharing their American spirit will all who see it.

"It makes it all worthwhile, all the sweat, the backache is paid for," he said.

So far, the Fosters have spent about $1,400 on the project. They are still looking for a plaque that represents the Coast Guard to add to it.