New splash pad opens in Duncan

New splash pad opens in Duncan

DUNCAN, Okla._ The city's second splash pad, located in Douglas Park, opened over the weekend following a decision last year to convert the city's historic pool into a splash park.

They planned on opening in early May, but bad weather forced them to open a month later. The Parks and Cemetery superintendent says it is more eco-friendly.

So far, city officials say the new pad has had little traffic due to recent rains. However, they say once the weather clears up, they expect it to be just as popular as the city's

first splash site in Hillcrest Park. They say both sites will help keep the community cool, while also keeping water costs down for the city.

Duncan's Parks and Cemetery superintendent Dana Stanley, said the splash site gives kids a fun venue to cool off and enjoy and with little cost to the city.

He said the splash pad is set on a timer between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m., and isn't activated until someone pushes a button, which turns off after four minutes. He said the timer helps conserve water, and it is easier to maintain than the swimming pool it replaced.

"Well for number one, you are going to use a lot less chemicals," said Stanley.

Stanley said any preventative maintenance is key. He says throughout the day, the site is monitored.

"It's checked on three times a day even though it is not required by the health department, but we want to keep it operational," said Stanley.

He said due to this splash pad's location, it has the potential of becoming even more popular than the city's first splash site.

"We are in a nice pavilion here. Birthday parties could enhance it, family reunions and such as that," said Stanley.

The splash pad has a 2,000 gallon tank of water that is reused in comparison to the 500,000 gallons it takes to fill up the city's pool.

"It recycles the water, reuses the water, the evaporation rate, there is some there, but not as much as you would get on a body of water and besides that you don't need any life guards and you can have a much longer season," said Stanley.

He said another splash pad perk is that anyone can enjoy it whether they know how to swim or not.

"It's family friendly and there isn't anyone too young or too old to come and participate," said Stanley.

The splash pad is open and ready for the public, but Stanley said they do plan on having a grand opening and ribbon cutting in July.

Stanley said some additional money in the Parks and Cemetery Department budget is going toward adding benches to the park, which should be in place in a couple of weeks.