Residents prepare for Tropical Depression Bill

Residents prepare for Tropical Depression Bill

DUNCAN, Okla._Cities along U.S. Highway 81, from Rush Springs through Duncan and down to Waurika, have spent the day preparing for the worst from Tropical Depression Bill.

They're keeping a close watch on the roads and low-lying areas that tend to flood. For much of the day, it has just been a steady rain. Stephens County Sheriff Wayne McKinney says they are keeping their eyes open as Tropical Depression Bill moves on through.

Sheriff McKinney is asking people in Stephens County to remain alert and be cautious.

"As we all know, we've gotten quite a bit of rain, 18-25 inches of rain over the last month. So, the grounds and the creeks are pretty much saturated, all the ponds are full," said McKinney.

Sheriff McKinney says six inches of water is all it takes to cause life threatening situations.

"We want to warn people if they see water standing on the road ways not to cross it," McKinney said as a reminder to drivers.

Earlier Wednesday in Jefferson County, sand bags were being prepared for county residents as everyone gears up for more rain. Waurika resident Alyssa Ramsey has lived there for 12 years. She said the creek behind her home had never flooded until last month's heavy rain brought up to two inches of water inside her home. Tropical Depression Bill has brought on even more stress for her.

"I think it'll actually flood more this time than it did the last," said Ramsey.

She's doing what she can to protect her home from the potential return of the rising water.

"We actually got sandbags a few days ago, probably about 32 of them and placed them in the front doors of the house and the back doors of the house," said Ramsey.

Jefferson County Emergency manager Jimmy Gallher also said he is out across the entire county watching out for high waters. Sheriff McKinney says they have deputies and county commissioners out on the roads also watching out for any flooded areas.

To report any flooding where you are, you are asked to call your local police department of the sheriff's office.