Frederick pool scheduled to open Saturday

Frederick pool scheduled to open Saturday

FREDERICK, Okla._The Frederick swimming pool will reopen this weekend after drought conditions forced it to close for nearly three years.

The city has not been able to fill the pool since August 2012. During that time, cracks began to appear in and around the pool, which needed to be fixed before it could be refilled.

The people in Frederick are more than happy about getting the pool back on Saturday. But after being closed for two years, there was plenty of work that needed to be done before the opening.

The public pool in Frederick was built about 1936 and has been serving the city since. That is until the drought forced the city to be put on water restrictions and the eventual closure of the pool after the summer of 2012. After May brought enough rain to lift the restrictions this year, officials declared the pool needed to be worked on before it would be open.

Executive director of the Frederick Chamber of Commerce Haley Hoover says it wasn't just one problem.

"They just had a lot of cracks in it just because it hasn't been used in the past years, and obviously the extreme drought kind of shifted the land underneath it," said Hoover.

Maintenance started patching cracks with cement before Memorial Day and continued until they were comfortable that water wouldn't be lost. After the structure was fixed, the city needed to fill the pool, which is an all-day event, and find lifeguards.

Finally after all the work, it is ready for swimmers. Something Hoover says the city is looking forward to.

"We've had a lot of calls over the last couple of years, asking why it was closed and when it is going to be open. I know the community is really excited to have it back open," said Hoover.

Frederick City Manager Robert Johnston was unable to be on camera, but he says he is pleased that the pool will finally reopen and that he knows the younger ones are excited too.

Barring any setback, the pool will open at 1:00 p.m. Saturday.