UPDATE: Body found buried in Lawton garage

UPDATE: Body found buried in Lawton garage

Lawton police have confirmed there is a body buried under the shed at 913 SW Monroe Avenue. Police say they have not identified the victim. They called a group from Norman that specializes in recovering bodies to help dig up the body Friday morning.

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LAWTON, Okla._Lawton police have launched a potential homicide investigation at a home on the city's south side.  

Crime tape surrounds the house near Southwest 10th Street and Monroe Avenue where investigators have been since around 5:00 p.m. Thursday.  They got a call from someone who said a body could be buried in a shed. Officers discovered an area of disturbed dirt and that prompted the process of gaining a search warrant to take a closer look at what might be beneath. At last report, they were still waiting for that. In the meantime, they've interviewed one of the residents and other witnesses, which raised their suspicion regarding possible foul play.

"From statements that have been made, we do know that there's an individual in the house that's been missing for a couple of days, or was last seen a couple of days ago. So, we're treating this as a homicide to start with, until we can verify one way or another," said Lawton Police Captain Craig Akard.

Captain Akard said once the warrant is in hand, they'll resume their search, but he couldn't say when that might happen. If they determine that a body is beneath the dirt, they'll contact the medical examiner's office. They will send in an excavation team to continue the investigation. Akard said that might not happen until Friday.