Neighbor reacts to investigation into possible homicide

Neighbor reacts to investigation into possible homicide

LAWTON, Okla._An arrest has been made in connection to a police investigation into a possible homicide.

Police arrested Sigfredo Sisco Thursday evening after a body was found buried in a shed located at 913 SW Monroe Avenue. According to the arrest report, Sisco called police Thursday saying buried his boyfriend in a shed. Sisco told police he and the victim got into a fight. Sisco said the victim stabbed himself with a knife. Sisco said he buried him because he was scared. Police obtained a search warrant and found the victim's body. Sisco was placed under arrest for removal of a dead body.

One neighbor said she had only had positive interactions with Sisco, and that he'd offered to help her carry in groceries on several occasions. A few others said they'd never had a problem with Sisco, but say they aren't surprised considering crime is common in the neighborhood.

Melissa Sellers-Durham has lived on Monroe for more than 15 years and says the neighborhood is no stranger to crime.

"There's been all kinds of crazy things that's happened here. I know when my daughter was younger, I came outside and a man was burning down the street," recalled Sellers-Durham.

Sellers-Durham says she didn't know Sisco well, but the house was relatively quiet.

"They went across the street back and forth because they knew the person on the end, but that's about it," said Sellers-Durham.

Even still, she says you don't always know someone from what they appear to be on the surface.

"Everybody's quiet and has their own secrets and everything, but yeah, it gets scarier and scarier the more you're here," she said.

She says crimes like this have prompted her family to consider moving out of the neighborhood.

"Maybe if we're by ourselves we won't have all this crazy stuff. It's very scary, just death period," said Sellers-Durham.

Medical examiners from Norman that specialize in recovering bodies have been on scene since Friday morning. The identity of the victim has yet to be confirmed.