Search continues: Cache man missing for nearly a month

Search continues: Cache man missing for nearly a month

CACHE, Okla._It's been nearly a month since Michael Fike was reported missing and his family is continuing to hold on to hope.

Fike was reported missing to the Comanche County Sheriff's Department on May 22. The previous night, he was celebrating a graduation at the Railhead Saloon in Lawton. A friend said he took Fike back to the bar around 5:00 a.m. Friday to pick up his truck and that is the last time anyone saw Fike.

The family says they are continuing to hold out hope that they will find Fike safe and sound. They have given out hundreds of flyers and are continuing to search for him daily in Lawton and Cache.

Fike's mother-in-law, Mabel Tahsequah, says her daughter, Marie, called her crying when she couldn't get ahold of Fike.

"He had told her that he was going to go out with his sister for a few and then go home. Well, when he didn't show up, she kept calling his phone and he wasn't answering," explained Tahsequah.

Marie and Michael dated for seven years before they got married last October. The couple had recently moved from Lawton to Cache, only living there for about two months, before Fike was reported missing.

"We know the roads he takes. He is a stickler for main roads. He does not take back roads. He stays on the main roads and we have covered every road into Cache," said Tahsequah.

Tahsequah says Fike had never done anything like this before.

"Predictable. He stays on a schedule. He doesn't veer off. Him and Marie are constantly in contact with each other. I mean, if she is here, he calls and checks up on her and baby and stuff," said Tahsequah.

Fike worked on Fort Sill as a civilian at the commissary. The couple has a daughter, Rachel, who will be two years old on June 27.

"It is hard on her and it's hard on the baby. The baby will stand at the front door. You can't help but break down," said Tahsequah.

The family is hoping they will have some good news by Rachel's birthday.

"I am praying that he just walks through the door on her birthday and surprises us all. That is what we want. We want him home safe," said Tahsequah.

The family has also reached out to the nonprofit Oklahoma Search and Rescue Council for help with their search.

Fike has not made any transactions through his bank account since the day before he was reported missing. The sheriff's department is in contact with the Civil Air Patrol to get a plane in the air to track all the paths from Lawton to Cache and to fly over nearby creeks looking for his truck.

If you have any information on where Michael Fike could be, you are asked to contact the Comanche County Sheriff's Department at 580-353-4280. The family has a Facebook page to help coordinate search efforts.