Police department hopes car show can provide body cameras

GERONIMO, Okla_ Geronimo residents and those nearby turned out for a car show that supported a good cause.

The car show featured vehicles old and new, trucks and cars.

The money raised by the entries and raffle tickets were split, one half going to funding future events like this. The other half goes to the police department.

It's not often you see the Geronimo city hall parking lot packed, especially with fancy cars, but when you put a family friendly event together that also benefits the community, people will come.

"So far we've had a good turnout," Geronimo Police Chief, David Johnston said.

That's good news for Johnston, with half of Saturday's funds going to the police department.

"We always hope for better. We are happy to get what we can get," Johnston said.

What they get from this event, plus a couple other events that they plan on doing, will help them get a technology that is crucial for any police department, body cameras.

"It's another tool that we need. There's just so much out there today that you got to protect your officers and self from," Johnston said.

He also says that getting them won't just help the department now, but possibly save them money in the long run.

"This day and age, liabilities it's almost a must," Johnston said.

While they wait on the possibility on new equipment the Geronimo Police Department used Saturday to interact with the community they vow to protect and serve.

"Any time you get your department mixing with your community it is a good thing," Johnston said.

The department hopes to be using body cameras for their officers by August.