Stolen church trailer found, returned with nothing missing

Stolen church trailer found, returned with nothing missing

LAWTON, Okla._A church group from Tennessee came to Lawton to help flood victims. After being here for a matter of hours, one of their trailers full of supplies was stolen. The stolen trailer was found in a nearby alley, and it appears nothing was missing.

The trailer belongs to Red Bank Baptist Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The trailer was taken from the parking lot of the First Baptist West Church on Northwest Cache Road sometime Sunday. The group from Tennessee arrived in Lawton Sunday morning and when they woke up Monday, they were shocked. The locks were cut off and the trailer taken off the church property.

The church group had two other trailers loaded with supplies and they were still able to get to work. The associate pastor of the church here in Lawton says he's disappointed anyone would do this.

"You know, usually we don't have any problems on this side of town, it happens other places so we were kind of surprised it would happen. We have plenty of lighting on the building, we've got plenty of lighting in the parking lot," Barry Cornish, associate pastor at First Baptist West.

Doyle Pittman, from Red Bank Baptist, says close to $5,000 worth of equipment was inside the trailer.

The trailer was found Monday evening, just a few miles from where it was taken. A 7News viewer spotted the trailer in an alley near Southwest 24th Street and "G" Avenue in Lawton after seeing the story in the 6 p.m. news. He contacted the property owner, who then called police.

"Yeah, it was odd, kind of a shock and stuff like that. You know, usually not much goes on around here but you know it was odd," said Willie Bowser.

"Overwhelmed right now, relieved, never expected to see it again. It's big surprise, very thankful," said Doyle Pittman, a member of the Red Bank Baptist Church in Tennessee.

No damage was done to the outside of the trailer and it appears nothing was taken from inside. The church members from Tennessee will continue their work repairing flood damaged homes around the area until next Sunday.