Woman's home burglarized for the 5th time

Woman's home burglarized for the 5th time

LAWTON, Okla._A Lawton man is behind bars Monday night, accused of breaking into a house and stealing a television.

It happened near Northwest 18th and Hoover. A witness called police after hearing what he thought was a gunshot, and then saw a black man carrying a television out of the home.

Police found the suspected thief and the TV less than half a mile away, and arrested him after the witness was able to identify him.

The best way to describe how the homeowner was feeling about the incident would be defeated. She asked that we keep her identity concealed, but said this is the fifth time her home has been burglarized in the past seven months.

Before her home was broken into Monday, the most recent incident was last Friday while her son was home alone.

"[They] knocked on the door for an hour taunting him, and he opened the door, which he shouldn't have, but he opened the door," she said.

They busted in and took a few things. In the past, she said X-Boxes, televisions, even groceries have been stolen from her home.

"To go inside my refrigerator and take sodas, my son's cereal, juice."

She said she thinks she's an easy target, as the burglars may have honed into her routine.

"They obviously know that I'm not here, my vehicle's not here, more than likely I'm not here."

This has put her at her wits end.

"This happens so much, you know, I thought the last time was the last time, but obviously it's not."

Being a single parent she said her son's safety is her number one concern.

"I'm moving. I have to get away from here. It's not a safe place," she said.

The neighbor who was home when the victim's back window was broken out with a tire iron said he keeps a pretty close watch on the entire neighborhood, and plans to readjust his security cameras so a sixth burglary doesn't happen.