Dollar General in Geronimo, plans to open by Thanksgiving

Dollar General in Geronimo, plans to open by Thanksgiving

GERONIMO, Okla._Geronimo will soon be getting an economic boost with the opening of a new business.

It was recently announced that a Dollar General will be coming to the town. City officials are excited about the possibilities the business will bring.

The future site of site of Dollar General in Geronimo is right next to Highway 277 and Main Street. It's also going to be neighbors with Geronimo schools, and it's about to do wonders for the town's economy.

"It's going to increase tax revenue by approximately 200 percent," estimates City Councilman John Roche.

Roche says this deal has been in the works for years.

"Many, many administrations ago [they] approached vendors, any type of businesses, anything we could get for our community. Dollar General was the first to step up and say, 'You know what? That would be a good area,'" said Roche.

Now they are coming, and bringing jobs to a town that has very few businesses to offer to their citizens. They estimate it'll bring 10 to 15 full-time jobs, which is a lot for a town with less than 2,000 residents.

"For the simple fact that for years we have been in a catch 22 situation. We are in a fantastic location, close to Lawton, close to Fort Sill. Due to the fact that we didn't have a whole lot of businesses here, not many people would move here. And because not many people would move here, no business would come here," said Roche.

Roche believes this is just the tip of the economic iceberg in Geronimo.

"Almost opening the flood gates, shall we say, for other businesses to come to Geronimo, realize there is potential for them to make money, enjoy a great working relationship with the City of Geronimo and benefiting the people and allow for more economic growth," said Roche.

It's not all dollar signs either, Roche says this will make a trip for milk and bread a much shorter one for residents.

"Just think of the gas you are using to go to Walters or go to Lawton for that one little item that you need. Now, you can just go down the street, get what you need and the money stays in Geronimo," said Roche.

Weather has delayed construction a little bit, but they are hoping to break ground soon and open around Thanksgiving.

Geronimo is also hopeful the location will draw in customers who may be passing through. They say a survey from ODOT showed that every day, 3,000 vehicles pass where the Dollar General will be.