Move to privatize commissaries put on hold

Move to privatize commissaries put on hold

LAWTON, Okla._U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe visited Lawton to discuss the recent move by the Senate to delay a plan to privatize military commissaries.

Senator Inhofe led the fight to force the Department of Defense to study the financial impact on military families and communities before launching any pilot programs.

"It's not the big ones where this would be a problem, it's the remote areas where all they have is a commissary. So, if you were to privatize, what would the private sector do? And I'm not saying this critically, if I were in the private sector I'd do the same thing, they'd cherry pick the ones where they can make money," said Sen. Inhofe.

The Pentagon's impact study is required to be submitted to Congress no later than next February.

This study will survey soldiers, and Inhofe says it could serve as a counter for any future privatization bills.