Lawton's LGBTQ community overjoyed at SCOTUS decision

Lawton's LGBTQ community overjoyed at SCOTUS decision

LAWTON, Okla._Members of the LGBTQ community in Lawton say they are overjoyed at the Supreme Court's decision, calling it a victory for human rights as a whole.

"That's really what this victory is about, it's about validating love, validating unions, allowing families to really have the same benefits that been available to heterosexual couples for years,” said Amy Merchant, a Lawton resident.

Though cities across the state and country are celebrating the ruling during "PRIDE Weekend," celebrations in Lawton will be more private. Many residents, like Merchant, are hoping above all that the ruling sends a message to the country about the universal worth of love.

"This really sends a clear message to the United States that gay people have just as much right, are just as human, and their humanity is valid. And that's what I hope people get from this ruling," said Merchant.

The Supreme Court's decision comes at an important time for the LGBTQ community, just days away from the anniversary of the Stonewall riots that helped kick off the gay rights movement in 1969.