Lawton Country Club prepping for Firecracker Open

Lawton Country Club prepping for Firecracker Open

In recent weeks, rain and flooding caused issues throughout the city, including Lawton Country Club. Despite an accumulating substantial amount of water, crews stay committed to making sure the course is ready for the 48th Annual Firecracker Open.

"21 and a half inches cost us a little bit of trouble with the trees and a lot of mowing. The rough was really deep. We're getting it mowed down, so the golf course is in good shape. This week we've just done some work on the greens that made them a little rough. But, by the end of the weekend we should be really, really good."

Wilson expects many past golfers to return this year.

"We've got some guys from Louisiana. Scott Haney is a past champion. A lot of them from Texas. The Cameron players who are from all over. I'm hoping Dustin Wiggington, who's done well in the past, will come. And, we're trying to get some of the former Cameron players who are a little older to try to get back her too."

He also believes the tournament will draw its usual success despite the June 27th application deadline drawing near.

"Sign-ups are slow. We're probably at 35 or 40, but that's typical. Over the next three or four days we'll probably pick-up another forty or fifty. If we get somewhere between 80 and 100 I think that's a really good amount for us."

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