Community leaders remember Pastor Sam Moyd

LAWTON, Okla_ Lawton community members are mourning the loss of a man that did so much for the area.

Pastor Sam Moyd passed away Friday night at the church he and his wife are pastors at Zoe Christian Center. Investigators say they believe pastor Moyd had a heart attack.

Moyd was known for his involvement in Lawton with the 'Stop the Violence' group and as a police chaplain.

Pastor Moyd was known as a rock in times of tragedy.

He fought to stop the violence in Lawton and believed the community played a major role in ending it.

Pastor William White became close friends with Pastor Sam while helping with 'Stop the Violence.'

"It's a vision that God put on his heart. People rallied around that. Other pastors in the community rallied around that. The City of Lawton rallied around that," White said.

Lawton Police Chief James Smith says Pastor Sam played a vital role in reducing crime in the city.

"Our violent crime has dropped. Our homicides went down last year. This year so far we've only had three homicides and he and his organization has played a significant role," Chief Smith said.

While he played a significant role in the community, Chief Smith says his role as a chaplain will never be forgotten at the police department.

"When an officer is involved in a critical incident and they need to reach out and talk to someone, Pastor Moyd was always available. It was very critical for us because every time we needed him, he'd pick up the phone and make himself available to us," Chief Smith said.

The community, the police department, and his church will miss him, but pastor white says this is a time also to celebrate him.

"He is in Heaven. There are some things that we don't know, we don't understand, it seems premature, but what we do know is that we will see him again that he was a strong preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ. So, there will be a celebration and yes there will be tears and there will be some mourning and grieving, but the bible tells us because we have Jesus we don't grieve as those who have no hope. We are a people of hope," White said.