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Community participates in first Cytomegalovirus awareness walk

LAWTON, Okla._This week, Lawton mayor Fred Fitch named June as Cytomegalovirus awareness month for the City of Lawton and Comanche County.

Saturday, more than 120 people participated in the very CMV awareness walk/run. The event kicked off at 8:30 this morning at Cameron on the Aggie Mile.

CMV is naturally acquired in the environment. Most people are exposed to it at some point in their lives, and will have symptoms similar to the flu. However, if a woman is exposed to it for the first time while she's pregnant, it can be passed on to the fetus and cause a variety of birth defects.

The virus passed through bodily fluids and is preventable through simple things like --hand washing and not sharing food and drinks.

Saturday's walk/run aimed to raise awareness and educate mothers on how they can protect their babies.

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