Police build case against man who drove into crowd

Police build case against man who drove into crowd

DUNCAN, Okla._Investigators in Duncan are building a case against a man who drove into a block party and hit four people with his truck and then fired shots into the crowd.

It happened on June 19 on West Magnolia Lane where a small crowd had gathered for a late-night party. According to a police report, Ryan Darst plowed through the partiers and then sped off. Police tracked him down a few hours later at a local bar, but at this point, he has only been charged with public intoxication.

The Duncan Police Department says they are still investigating this incident, interviewing witnesses who were on scene and waiting on medical reports from those who were hit, hoping to have this resolved soon.

On the night of June 19, Schlese Scott and 20 to 30 others were celebrating Juneteenth and a birthday party, but everything came to a screeching halt around 11:30 p.m. when Ryan Darst allegedly struck Scott, her daughter and two others with his pickup truck.

"He drove straight, he never stopped. He drove, he drove, never tried to stop, he drove fast," said Scott.

Scott says she and her daughter were enjoying the music in the street when the truck came down the road, not acknowledging anyone standing there.

"We were dancing right here in the middle part and he came and hit us, we were right here, me and her together, he got us real good," said Scott.

After hitting the victims in the street, Darst fired shots and then fled west on Magnolia Lane.

"It was very scary. He's shooting and people start running, everybody started running, there wasn't any shooting until he came by, we were dancing," said Scott.

Scott says her ankle and back are still a little bruised a week and a half after she was hit, but she is counting her blessings.

"I thought we were dead, it was over, I thought it was a done deal," Scott said.

Scott says what happens to Darst is left up to justice.

"He didn't have no business doing nothing like that, and he's going to have to pay for what he did," said Scott.

Scott's daughter and the other victims did not suffer any life threatening injuries. Darst has since bonded out of jail, but once the investigation is complete, he could be charged with assault using a dangerous weapon.

Duncan police also say they plan to request that Darst be held responsible for the medical expenses for the four people he hit.