Officers search for suspect shooting from rooftop

Officers search for suspect shooting from rooftop
ALTUS, Okla._Police in Altus are searching for a man who fired three shots from the roof of a downtown apartment complex Wednesday morning.
Altus police received several calls about the shooting just after 9:00 a.m. A witness said the gunman fired three shots in the span of about ten seconds, all appeared to be aimed at the ground and not a particular target. Luckily, no one was hurt, but no arrests have been made.
Several of the business owners in the area were extremely worried about not only their safety, but also those around them. One man says he saw the silhouette of the shooter as he was pointing his gun down. But because of the time it occurred, it's difficult to have a definite description of the suspect.
Witnesses say the shooter was in a corner of the Towers Apartments roof when he shot. Because it was 9:00 a.m., the witnesses were looking right in line with the bright sun. They described him as white, with long hair and wearing a white t-shirt.
Altus Deputy Chief of Police Bill Perkins says they found shell casings on the apartment roof, but cannot disclose the type yet.
"With it still being early in the investigation, we're still trying to gather information to try to get whoever is responsible identified, and to make sure that the evidence is recovered and taken care of properly," Perkins explained.
Perkins says the early 911 calls will also be included in the effort to find the suspect.
"That is something that the investigators will build on. That initial information, and hopefully it will lead to the outcome of someone being held accountable for their actions," Perkins said.
According to one business owner, after the man fired his third shot, he ran along the south side of the roof. When police arrived, they searched the roof and the apartment complex, but came up empty.
After taking it all into account, Perkins says a worse situation was avoided.
"This turned out good today, because like I said, nobody was injured and we had some good information upfront," Perkins said.
Two people were initially taken in for questioning, but were later released. One business owner said he’s glad most of the businesses weren’t open yet.
Anyone with information that could lead to an arrest is asked to call the Altus Police Department at 580-481-2296, or the Jackson County Sheriff's Office at 580-482-0408