Public Service Company of Oklahoma seeks rate increase

Public Service Company of Oklahoma seeks rate increase

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - Public Service Company of Oklahoma is asking for a 13.6 percent rate increase it says is needed to help comply with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency mandates.

The Tulsa-based utility filed for the increase with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission Wednesday. It says the cost of complying with EPA rules accounts for $96 million of the $172 million increase it's seeking. PSO says the costs are primarily to address the EPA's regional haze rule, a plan to limit sulfur dioxide emissions by coal-fired generating plants.

PSO says an average residential customer would see an increase of $14.53 on a monthly electric bill, beginning in early 2016, but that PSO's rates will still be below state, regional and national averages.

PSO serves more than 540,000 customers in eastern and southwestern Oklahoma.

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