One arrested in deadly shooting, investigation continues

One arrested in deadly shooting, investigation continues

LAWTON, Okla._Lawton Police have made an arrest in Tuesday night's murder at a northwest Lawton home.

Shainice Owens is in jail on a second-degree murder complaint. In an interview with investigators, she told police she accidentally shot Joseph Higgins in the neck after an argument between the two turned physical and they both grabbed guns.

The shooting was called in by a therapist who says he was heading to the victim's home. The 911 recording has the suspect in the background and telling the caller it was an accident.

"I heard what sounded like a shot on Oak and I'm going to get you the number of the house ma'am, and then a girl came running outside asking me to call for help," described one man when he called 911.

The call goes on describing what condition Joseph Higgins was in while lying at the doorstep of his home, suffering from a gunshot to the neck.

"We've got help on the way."
"We need it now. That boy is bleeding profoundly."
"I understand."

The 911 recording also has Shainice Owens, who was later arrested by police for the murder.

"He had a gun to me.... [inaudible]."
"Ok, stay right there. Stay right there."

"She's claiming what happened between them at some point one or both of them had a gun, we are still trying to piece all that together. And she's claiming that it was an accident that she didn't mean to shoot him," said Lt. Charlie Martin, Lawton Police Department.

Two guns were found at the scene. Although Owens is telling police it was an accident and she was defending herself, police say there's still enough to hold her on a second-degree murder complaint.

"The statements she made to officers, some of them are conflicting with each other.  So, we are still looking into the case, trying to piece together what happened prior to the shooting, but right now she is in custody," said Lt. Martin.

As for now, police will continue their investigation into the murder, piecing evidence and interviews together.

"We are still doing backgrounds on them, figuring out a history to them.  We may question more people further. At this point it's putting things together, getting ready to present a case to the district attorney's office," explained Lt. Martin.

Neighbors say they never expected a homicide here, but they weren't shocked when they saw police responding to the home.

Blood still remains on the door at the home, but one thing not here are the children at the home. Police say they were not at home during Tuesday night's shooting, but they are still trying to track down where they are now.

Lieutenant Martin says investigators hope to have their case before the DA by the end of this week.