Work almost finished, water park plans to open Friday

Work almost finished, water park plans to open Friday

LAWTON, Okla._In just two days, the Comanche Nation Water Park will finally open to the public, but there are still preparations to be made.

About 40 workers were out at the park Wednesday, power washing and cleaning away debris. Park workers say repairs have been made to the wave pool and all the attractions are expected to be functional for Friday's opening.

The water park hasn't had water for the last two days because of a broken water valve. Water service was finally restored just after noon Wednesday.

Water park manager Bill Shoemate says he has been taking opening the park one day at a time.

"Things are going to happen in life and you just have to kind grin and bear it, even though you don't like it and go on and get other things done that are going to help speed up the process," said Shoemate.

Shoemate says it will take about 48 hours using their 4-inch water lines to fill the pools and water slides.

Right now, the lazy river remains empty, but in the next two days the whole park is going to be filled with half a million gallons of water.

Shoemate says the damage was so widespread, they filled 12 dumpsters with things that were ruined by the floodwaters.

"Carpet, insulation, sheet rock, furniture, appliance stuff, a lot of our power tools and stuff was lost," said Shoemate.

Shoemate says they also have lost a few of the 30 lifeguards because of the delayed opening.

"The sad part is some of our lifeguards had to take other jobs. Most of our employees are high school and college students. They depend on this money for their school and I really feel for them," said Shoemate.

Because of the delayed opening, the water park season will be extended to weekends only in the month of September, weather permitting.

There will be a gift shop, an ice cream bar and you can even bring your own lounge chairs this year.

The grand opening will be Friday, and it's free. They're declaring it All-American Day in honor of Independence Day.

On July 4 and 5, admission will be half-price.