Getting help repairing private county roads

Getting help repairing private county roads

COMANCHE COUNTY, Okla._May's flash flooding damaged many public and private roads and left debris everywhere. The county worked quickly to remove debris and start fixing roads and bridges, but some homeowners are running into problems with private roads.

Even if a street is named, county roads must be accepted by Comanche County and certified by the Oklahoma Department of Transportation. This helps to ensure that the road is built to county specifications, which makes it easier for the County to do work on them.

County Commissioner Don Hawthorne suggests that potential homebuyers call their county commissioner to determine if the road leading to the property is a county or state road.

For those living on a private road in need of repair, there are grants available through FEMA and low interest loans through the Small Business Administration (SBA). This way, residents can help pay a private contractor to do the repairs. For help in getting a grant or loan, visit the Disaster Recovery Center at Tomlinson Middle School in Lawton. The center is open Monday through Saturday and they plan on closing the Tomlinson Middle School location July 18.

Both the Eastern Barn and Western Barn will be closed July 2-12 for their annual summer vacation. Having the whole barn take a break at one time is the most efficient way to handle vacations. In case of emergency, call the Comanche Commissioner's Office at the Courthouse 580-355-5802.