Combat Vets serve food at VA Center

LAWTON, Okla_ Veterans at the Lawton Fort Sill VA Center were able to chow down on some good ol’ American food Saturday, all provided by a local motorcycle club.
The Combat Vets Motorcycle Association grilled burgers and hot dogs for the vets.
"We cook them a meal, try to thank them a little bit, and spend time with them," Chuck Stephens said.
Giving back to veterans is nothing new when it comes to the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association.
"We owe these guys a debt. They served us, served our country, and it's little enough that we can do to comeback, give them this little bit," Stephens said.
Fourth of July has become a holiday spent with family and for many of the veterans here at the center, Saturday would be spent alone if it wasn't for the motorcycle club.
"They're not starving for food down here they're starving for attention.  You can tell just by associating with these guys is what they really are, is lonely," Stephens said.
So Saturday they become their family.
"It's like I told my guys before I came down.  I said, 'You leave out of here feeling better for helping your brother and sister down here,' because we realize, yes we all have family outside of here as well, and majority of us are going to spend time with them after this, but these guys are also our family," Stephens said.
It's a special thing for not only the veterans at the center but the combat vets too.
Stephens says it can be seen just by the conversations the two sides have while sharing a meal.
"Some of them we can't discuss on air, because of the nature what they did and what we've done, but you wouldn't believe it. A lot of them will just tell you war stories," Stephens said.
Stephens says they'll come out multiple times in the year to do a simple thing like this and he says the only thing he hopes is that more people start doing the same.