Police search for shooting suspect

Police search for shooting suspect

LAWTON, Okla._ Lawton police are searching for a man accused of shooting and wounding one person at an apartment complex on the city's north side.

Witnesses told police that a black man, wearing all black clothing, walked up to the front of a building at Apple Run Apartments and opened fire before running off.

It appeared to be quite the brazen act. Witnesses say the gunman walked up and opened fire at the breezeway where the victim was walking. One witness spoke with us on camera at the request that we keep his face and name hidden since the shooter is still at large.

"Kids were outside playing, kicking the soccer ball, having a nice a beautiful summer day and then he came out of nowhere and shots were fired," the witness said.

The witness says he saw the suspect walking west on Hoover Avenue, toward the apartment, but didn't appear suspicious at all.

"He just seemed like me. Walking down the street, enjoying the day," the witness said.

Then, apparently unprovoked, the suspect opened fire at the victim who was walking away into the apartment's breezeway.

"It was like he knew where he was going, but just walked up and then shots were fired. I would estimate six to seven. It sounded like a firework, so no one panicked at first and then he took off," he explained.

He says the victim, who he doesn't know, had been outside his apartment talking with the kids just minutes before the shooting.

"He seems like a nice guy and then gets shot. It makes no sense," he said.

He says it was a careless and reckless act to open fire with so many children around and hopefully the shooter is behind bars soon.

"Where else could he go and do this at? Maybe next time he won't hit at an apartment complex, he'll shoot at a kid, which doesn't make sense. They need to catch him before this happens again," he said.

The eyewitness says he was shocked that this happened here because something like this hasn't happened in a while.

A family member of the victim says he was hit once in the hip and is doing fine at the hospital.