Shots fired leads to police investigation

Shots fired leads to police investigation

LAWTON, Okla._One man was arrested near a park after a confrontation reportedly led to gunfire.

It started when Darryl Smith, who said he'd been robbed and stabbed last week, spotted the man and woman who did it in Wonderland Park at Southwest 13th and Dr. Charles Whitlow Avenue. He said he and his friends and family members chased the pair through the park and into a residential area. He said the suspects and his friends began scuffling, and that's when the suspect pulled out a gun and fired a few shots. 

That sent Smith's family running for cover, and they called 911. Within minutes, police tracked the suspected attackers down, but did not find a gun. They arrested the man on outstanding warrants. Smith says he's glad they called for help from police, but now hopes the justice system will come through for him.

"A lot of people are scared to come out because of the retaliation. What does it take for the retaliation to stop? I mean, I've already been stabbed. I've already been shot. I mean, golly, can I get some type of justice, something that works for me besides violence," asked Smith.

Police are continuing their investigation into Monday night's alleged shooting, as well as the couple's possible involvement in last week's stabbing and robbery.