A Child Who Hopes: Rebecca

A Child Who Hopes: Rebecca

LAWTON, Okla._A 15-year-old girl is hoping you can help her find the one thing she's always wanted, a family with a mom to call her own.

At the age of 15, Rebecca has seen more than her share of ups and downs. But somehow, she manages to keep a smile on her face and a song in her heart.

Rebecca says singing helps her get through the disappointment of not being adopted after a year in foster care.

"It's make me upset when I'm in a foster care. I want to be in an adoption home," said Rebecca.

And although a family would be nice, Rebecca says what she really wants is a mom to share secrets and do fun things with.

"I like to swim and I like arts and crafts. I like music," Rebecca said as she listed some of the things she enjoys.

Dancing to One Direction's music is one of her favorite things to do. That's when she's not swinging, hunting for butterflies and grasshoppers or playing sports.

When it comes to school, Rebecca says math is her favorite subject, but of course nothing compares to recess.

"I get to play outside and stuff," said Rebecca.

As far as her future is concerned, she already knows what she wants to be.

"I want to be a channel 7News person," she said.

And it's all in her reach. But for now, she's just trying to concentrate on turning 16.

"I want an MP3 player and a teddy bear," she said.

Rebecca says she's willing to give away material things in exchange for what really matters…a family.

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