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Lawton Lightning Keeping Kids Active

LAWTON, Okla._Many parents try to keep their children active by having them participate in sports. However, keeping them active during the summer months can be difficult. One group of Lawton parents and coaches have found their own solution to that problem by forming the Lawton Lightning track and field team.

The Lawton Lightning was created four years ago to allow kids ages six to seventeen to compete in a variety of competitions around the state and country. Two years ago, the team became part of the Amateur Athletic Union. For some, the Lawton Lightning presents an opportunity to continue to develop in the off-season months.

"I was looking for a traveling track team because I play a lot of sports. I want to further my track career and do better things with track. Just try to do a lot of things that will get me out there and make me better."

This year's team made it to regional competitions in Joplin, Missouri and eighteen runners have qualified for the Junior Olympics. Coach Darrick Simmons says seeing kids work for and achieve their goals makes it all worth it.

"It's been a joy to just to be out here and just to see them do what they do out here and achieve their goals that they're shooting for. We just trying to build it up the best we can and hopefully we can get more kids from the community to come out and want to participate. There's a lot of talent around here, we're just trying to search for it."

The team is a non-profit and raise travel and equipment money through fundraisers and donations. If you would like to donate to the team, head to any Fort Sill Federal Credit Union.

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