Duncan roads get a much-needed repair

Duncan roads get a much-needed repair

DUNCAN, Okla._Starting Monday, crews in Duncan will be repairing streets along three battered roads.

The biggest of the three projects is a 600-foot stretch of road on 10th Street between Elk Avenue and Jones Avenue. The city will also tackle drainage issues at the intersection of Cypress and 10th Street that has caused extensive road damage. Maple Street will get a patch job. But getting these roads repaired has not been easy.

Duncan's Public Works director Ron Kroop says the biggest problem is finding the money to cover the cost of repairs to the city's aging streets. Kroop says while these three roads are getting the facelift they need, it would cost around $4 million to get all of the streets in Duncan to their desired condition.

Money most cities, large or small, just can't afford in today's struggling economy. So, Kroop says they're left chipping away at the problem as best they can for now.

Kroop says repairing this 600-foot stretch of road will not be an easy task.

"The old asphalt overlay, the original concrete is badly deteriorated that will be totally removed, aggregate rock that's underneath will be removed, the six inches of concrete pavement to be installed in that 600 feet," explained Kroop.

And while he understands detours are inconvenient to drivers, he says the repairs must be made now in order to keep future repair costs down.

"We have some roads that are in very good condition, we have too many roads that are in poor to almost totally failed condition," explained Kroop.

Duncan has 152 miles of city streets, and it's problems just like this that Kroop says needs to be fixed. Over $600,000 from the city's Capital Improvement fund was approved in a City Council meeting last month to go towards fixing three area streets.

"We will continue to try to find revenue to put towards our streets," said Kroop.

The repairs will begin on Monday. All three locations are expected to be fully repaired by the first week of December.