Farmers Market Tomato Festival

LAWTON, Okla_ Lawton's farmers market was busy Saturday for the annual Tomato Festival.

Crowds packed the parking lot of the Great Plains Coliseum choosing from fresh produce and other locally grown and made products.  Inside, tomatoes and salsa was being judged.
A competition for the best tasting, looking, and ugliest tomatoes was held.  Also for the first time a salsa competition that drew in 24 competitors.
Jaymi Smith got 2nd in the heated salsa competition.  Says all competition aside the Tomato Festival brings the community together in a positive way.
"I love that it brings out the community and I love that we are providing a community event as well as helping local farmers and local markets to bring out their own food."
The salsa competition was so big they plan on bringing it back for next year's competition.  Winners brought home a ribbon and cash for each competition.