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Motorsports a Family Affair

The roar of ATV's and dirt bikes can be heard echoing off the shores of Lake Ellsworth as the Oklhoma Cross Country Racing Association began their weekend of racing at Lafferty Motorsports in Elgin. Hundreds of campers fill the grounds as people and families from all over join in the weekend of dirt track fun.

Saturday consisted of quad racing and dirt bike practice in order for the riders to get use to the track. riders in various classes ranging from novice to professional attend the event. The track winds through a vast area of woodlands with areas ranging in speeds of 60 miles per hour to 5. During all the racing, families and other riders come together to converse and share a weekend enjoying something they love.

"It's a blast. I never realized how much of a family oriented sport it was. If you look around, you see these campers, most of the people have young kids that are racing. So, pretty much everybody out here, it's a huge family."

"When you think about it, all the competition and all, you don;t really think about everybody being such good friends with each other.  In an organization like this, especially OCCRA, you really don't find many others that everyone is so tight. It's kind of like a racing family. So you can depend on everybody else. If you need something or you get hurt, they'll run to help you. And, it's really great."

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