Residents facing problems after water main break

Residents facing problems after water main break

LAWTON, Okla._Many residents on the Southwest side are still facing problems after a water main break happened on Thursday.

City officials say a 24-inch pipe at 42nd Street and Lee Boulevard burst. The water is still turned off to businesses in the area. After four days, residents nearby have little to no water pressure.

Washing dishes, taking showers, and doing laundry have become virtually impossible for residents including, Lawton mother Kaylee Emerson.

"Extremely frustrated. I mean we are at home. We are supposed to be in the comfort of our home. We are supposed to be able to have the amenities that you need," said Emerson.

Emerson says it is difficult to keep her one month old son cleaned up with little to no water pressure.

"Getting his clothes clean. I smell like milk. He smells like milk. It is not exactly the funniest thing giving him a wash down with wet wipes or a rag," she said.

To wash just one load of laundry it took 2 hours which is about 3 times the amount of time it takes for a normal load in their home.

"It didn't want to start it kept giving me an error. I had to give it a few minutes and actually put a little water in there and then it finally started up and it's an AG you are not supposed to add water to it and it is supposed to be able to sense that on its own," she said.

It also took an hour to run just half a bathtub of water to take a bath.

As workers continue to make repairs, residents like Emerson and her family say they are just hoping tomorrow to come home to the water flowing normally in their homes.

City officials say they hope to have the work complete on the water main break sometime Sunday night.