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Senior citizens learn how to avoid scams

LAWTON, Okla._The Oklahoma Insurance Department held its 2015 Senior Fraud Conference to teach senior citizens how to avoid fraud and protect their money Tuesday.

Officials from OID say senior citizens are the most common target for scammers and thieves, and over $60 billion is lost annually to Medicaid fraud. These conferences are a way for those seniors to push back against scammers and protect their savings.

"We're doing this because seniors are the targets that these fraudsters are trying to take advantage of. They know that these are the individuals who have had time to save for their retirement, more likely they have a better credit line. We don't want them to leave afraid, we want them to feel empowered," said Ray Walker, OID divisional director.

Seniors were told the best way to avoid fraud was to keep good financial records, and to always check for inconsistencies before sending money to possible scammers. The Oklahoma Insurance Department has been holding fraud conferences for the past four years, and they plan to continue to help senior citizens.

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