Lawton Rangers remember one of their own

Lawton Rangers remember one of their own

LAWTON, Okla._A popular Lawton cowboy and former Lawton Rangers president is being remembered for his love for the rodeo.

David Crank died early Monday morning at his Lawton home at the age of 61. Friends say that Crank died during his sleep as a result of heart failure. For the past ten years, Crank served as a Lawton Ranger and was the organization's president from 2013 to 2014.

With the Lawton Rangers Rodeo less than a month away, the current president says it just won't be the same without David. David Crank served as a current board member, after terming out as president following a two-year term, but Delbert Warren, the current president, said David was liked so much he would've been voted in again, with ease.

When he picked up his phone Monday morning, Warren says nothing could have prepared him for the devastating news that would follow.

"If someone has been sick or ill, you can kind of prepare yourself for the inevitable. For a situation like that, you just can't prepare yourself for that, not that sudden," said Warren.

Warren says Crank loved being a Lawton Ranger, and for two years the organization's president. He says he didn't particularly care for the accolades and awards that came with it, but instead loved the time it gave him to spend with fellow Rangers and the community.

"As far as recognition or satisfaction, that comes from within. I think David was a prime example of one who just carried that with him," said Warren.

Warren recalled how Crank worked well with the other Rangers. He even mentioned how Crank was one to step on your toes, shake your hand, look you in the eye and call you his best friend. Warren says he wasn't one to shy away from hard work.

"David didn't necessarily enjoy watching the rodeo. He relished the idea of getting to work with the rodeo, and put the rodeo on. He loved, and I want to emphasize loved, this organization. We're going to miss him," Warren said.

The funeral for David Crank is set for Thursday at 2:00 p.m. at the Geronimo Baptist Church.  Two other members of the Lawton Rangers have died in the past year.

The Lawton Rangers plan to recognize Crank, along with James Wells and Gene Schaefer, during the rodeo next month.