Construction behind schedule on Bray-Doyle High School

Construction behind schedule on Bray-Doyle High School

BRAY, Okla._Construction on a new high school in Bray is several months behind schedule.

After a nearly $3 million bond issue for the new Bray-Doyle High School was passed in January, crews were scheduled to break ground in May. However, heavy rains have prevented them from starting any work, and now officials say they're not sure when students will be able to move in.

Bray-Doyle Public Schools Superintendent David Eads says their target opening of April 2016 has been pushed back to at least next August. He says they are hoping to get back some of the time they have lost, but just like May's rains, he says it will all depend on what the weather is like this fall.

Eads has been with the Bray-Doyle schools for the last five years. He says crews are working hard to make up for lost time in hopes of getting students and teachers into the new building as quick as possible.

"We believe we can gain some of the time back. I'm not sure if we can gain all of it back," Eads said.

Eads says as soon as the blue prints are approved by the fire marshal, he plans on overlapping some of the bids to make up some of that time. Eads understands the community's frustrations on the setbacks, but he continues to be grateful for their support.

"In a rural area like Bray, your school is the identity of the community and if you don't have their involvement or support you don't have a school," Eads said.

Eads says now that the process is starting to take off, he is hearing nothing but excitement and an eagerness to see the new high school start going up.

Along with the high school, the district is also getting three new school busses and new technology, including enough tablets for each teacher and student in grades eight through 12.