Reserve deputies boost manpower at sheriff's department

Reserve deputies boost manpower at sheriff's department

LAWTON, Okla._Comanche County Sheriff's Department is expected to get a boost in manpower and it's free.

Come August, eight new reserve deputies will start working to become CLEET certified. Then, pending their completion, they'll officially become reserve deputies for the department in January.

These reserve deputies aren't working full-time hours, but they are crucial in keeping this department running, and the sheriff says their best quality is how proud they are to wear this badge.

"No matter what it is, they are there to help us and that is the unique thing about it," Sheriff Stradley said.

After completing 240 hours of training, these reserve deputies will fill all sorts of roles for the sheriff's department.

"They are just like a regular deputy. They put in 16 hours a month and come out, and like I said we are shorthanded lots of times, and they just fill up the hole that we have," Sheriff Stradley said.

The sheriff says if a full-time deputy gets called out to an incident, the reserves will be able to be back up, or during the rodeo, reserves will do all the security.

"Reserves just help us tremendously, and the cool thing about it is they do it for free and that shows they really want to do it," Sheriff Stradley said.

It comes at no cost to the department, but the sheriff says their role is not overlooked and is greatly appreciated.

"I just hired four from my reserve and sent them off to the state CLEET program. They are in school right now. So, I pull from my reserves when I get an opening," Sheriff Stradley said.

Sheriff Stradley says although they have reserve in their name, citizens should not worry about the protection they'll be receiving.

"It doesn't matter what it is, they're ready to go. I really appreciate them and the people of this county ought to be proud of them because they came in and said let me volunteer my time, my life, to help you have a better place to live," Sheriff Stradley said.

For those looking to become reserve deputies, the class unfortunately is full. But the sheriff says you can always apply for a spot in the future by visiting the department.