Elgin Animal Shelter opens with improvements

Elgin Animal Shelter opens with improvements

ELGIN, Okla._The Elgin Animal Shelter has reopened its doors after completing a list of improvements.

The shelter was shut down in January after its living conditions and the city's Animal Control Officer drew sharp criticism from the public. An investigation found no evidence of criminal wrong-doing and the city decided to move forward with making necessary upgrades and policy changes that has since allowed the shelter to re-open.

One of the biggest issues that is now fixed is the fencing. Animal Control Officer Daniel Linthicum continues to run the shelter and says it used to be cheap chain linked fencing that dogs could chew out of. He say the kennels are now welded together with livestock paneling, preventing the dogs from escaping.

The Elgin Animal Shelter has only been around for five years. Linthicum has been in charge of the facility ever since, and he says the new building will keep the shelter's troubled past in the clear.

"I love it. I am not worried anymore about dogs being able to get to dogs, dogs being able to chew through the fence and get out. I'm not worried about that anymore," Linthicum said.

Along with the new fencing, the Department of Agriculture also recommended new paint and a sealant to be put on the shelters floors.

"Pretty much this whole facility, with the work they've done has changed it completely from what it was," Linthicum said.

Linthicum says the six-month wait to get the facility back up and running has been well worth all of the trouble."

"It's been totally worth it. I saw what those guys did, I was out here, I watched. They took their time, they did right, they took pride in what they were doing," Linthicum said.

Linthicum is positive the animal shelter is now a topnotch facility to care for the dogs that come in.

"The people have even joked and said we could put a top over it and use it as a jail, that's how solid it is," Linthicum said.

Along with the new facility, Linthicum is required to keep a paper log of what dogs come in and leave from the shelter. The shelter has enough space to house up to 12 dogs.

The shelter cannot take in any drop off animals. If you see a stray or lose dog, they ask that you call dispatch, so that they can respond to the call and pick the animal up themselves.