Texas land owners fight for property

Texas land owners fight for property

RED RIVER SHORE, Texas_The Federal Bureau of Land Management has been trying for more than a year to take portions of land along the Red River. A Texas man is fighting to keep his land from being taken by the government.

The BLM says more than 2/3 of the 300-acre property Kevin Hunter owns along the Red River is going to be reclaimed. The government claims that a 'gradient boundary' begins a mile and a half from the Red River shore.

Hunter protested a land survey showing otherwise, but that protest was dismissed.

"I feel like I am a law abiding citizen, but I am in a corner. What am I going to do," asked Hunter.

The BLM will reclaim the land in 2018 if nothing is done to stop the land disputes.

He and other land owners plan to appeal. Texas Congressman Mac Thornberry and Texas Senator John Cornyn are working on bills to stop these land disputes.