Church hosts safety seminar

Church hosts safety seminar

LAWTON, Okla._In light of the shooting at a South Carolina church last month, a local church hosted a safety seminar for churches, businesses and other faith based organizations.

The event was held Thursday morning in the Lawton City Hall banquet room. Organizers with the Abundant Life Christian Church of Lawton say they also wanted to host this event to help others know what to do in the event of a shooting or other type of emergency, such as a tornado or fire.

Bishop John Dunaway says the world is changing and not everyone has a mindset of living a peaceful life. So, it's important to have a plan of action to provide safety for the public they serve.

"First of all, God is on our side. God is for us. And secondly, we don't have to be victims. There is information out there, things we can put into place that we can do to help to stay safe," Bishop Dunaway said.

The seminar included workshops with the Lawton Police Department, Lawton Fire Department and Lawton Public Schools.