EMTs and the dangers they face on the job

EMTs and the dangers they face on the job

LAWTON, Okla._A collision that sent two EMTs to the hospital Wednesday has brought some of the dangers our emergency workers face on a daily basis to light.

Neither of the women in the ambulance were seriously injured when their ambulance collided with another vehicle en route to an emergency. The EMTs were treated and released, but that doesn't mean they don't risk serious harm each day.

Richie Bohach works with the Comanche County Memorial Hospital EMS and has been a victim of assault while working with a patient. He says the dangers on the job are a reason why all emergency personnel have to remain alert in every situation.

"We don't carry firearms, we don't carry protective stuff. Our role is to be the patient advocate. So, when we go in, we are trying to help them with their situation, be it assault, remove them from that situation and get them to a place for further health care," Bohach said.

EMTs face danger every day, but they still work to ensure the safety and care of countless people..