LCT honored as longest running community theater

LCT honored as longest running community theater

LAWTON, Okla._The Lawton Community Theatre is accepting a special award next week.

The award is for the longest running community theater, and it will be handed to the Lawton Community Theatre next Saturday in Oklahoma City. The award is from the Oklahoma Community Theater Association.

LCT is in their 64th season. Theater director Martha McCartney says this award is an unbelievable honor.

"The people who started this, I wish they were here to see it because it has been a corner stone for Lawton, for people who enjoy live theater. They didn't have to travel to Oklahoma City, they could see it right here with people who live here," said McCartney.

McCartney, along with a few other theater board members, will be attending the luncheon next Saturday where they will be awarded.