Duncan teen recovering after being hit by truck

Duncan teen recovering after being hit by truck

DUNCAN, Okla._A Duncan teenager who was seriously hurt after being hit by a city power truck has been upgraded to fair condition.

The teen suffered injuries to his elbow and fractured his jaw. The accident happened just after 2:00 p.m. Thursday. The teen was riding his bicycle through the intersection of Elm Avenue and 5th Street when he was hit by a truck.

Police still haven't determined how the accident happened. An accident reconstruction team was called to the scene where they gathered evidence and tried to piece together exactly what happened for nearly four hours. Police say it will take time to process it all.

"There was a bicycle under the front of the pickup, so there was a guy that was, I don't know who it was, but he did a little bit of hollering over that, just upset of course," said Nathan Carrio, managing officer for the Duncan Police Department.

Piecing together an accident of this nature is something Carrio says is never easy.

"We've got a lot of people doing a lot of different things, getting on the same page with them, some did interviews, some took pictures. My job is to compile all of that and complete the accident," Carrio explained.

Carrio responded to Thursday afternoon's accident, mapping out the road and the exact location of both the driver and child involved. He says as a father, anytime a child becomes a part of an officer's investigation, it makes the job all the more difficult.

"If you do have child possibly hit, you don't know any of the circumstances, you know nothing, you have to remain unbiased and do your job to everybody, the driver, pedestrian and everybody involved," Carrio said.

Duncan Police say have not been able to talk to the boy, and won't until he's further along in his recovery. They say until then, they will not be able to complete their investigation.

The driver of the city truck was taken to the hospital for a routine blood test. So far, no one has been cited for any wrong doing.