Fathers and Families for Equality

LAWTON, Okla_ A Lawton group is looking to show newly divorced families that both sides can still raise a child.

Fathers and families for equality spent today at Elmer Thomas park having snow cones, hot dogs, and painting faces, but more importantly raising awareness about equal parenting.

They say too often in Oklahoma a father gets rarely gets custody of their child after a divorce.

The group says it's better for a kid to live with both parents half and half than see their father only four days out of the month.

"They might think, 'well why doesn't my daddy love me any more, why did daddy leave, what did I do?' Parent's divorce not kids," Amanda McKay said.

George Barnard has gone through a divorce and went from not even getting to see his son to having him every other seven days and says he's seen a major difference with his son.

"Even in that 10 month period, the day I saw him it was like I wasn't even gone a day. He immediately threw his arms out at me and dada, dada, dada.  It was wonderful," Barnard said.

The group plans to have an event like this yearly to show there is hope out there for parents fighting for more custody of their child.