Comanche Museum teaches Texas teachers

LAWTON, Okla_ Comanche Nation Museum is playing host to a group of teachers from Texas this weekend.

The tribe is using the weekend to share their history with the teachers so they can better teach their students.

It's a part of a $50,000 grant the museum received to help build a curriculum they can share with teachers to better teach students about the tribe.

Michael Guyer is a high school history teacher from San Antonio.

He made the 6 1/2 hour trip to Lawton to learn more about the Comanche Indians.

"I jumped all over it and I am extremely excited to be here, to be a part of this, to see this, to witness, to learn more about this," Guyer said.

He's not just excited because what it could mean to his students, but because what it means to him.

"I didn't have the history, or didn't know the history that is part of my family," Guyer said.

Guyer is part Comanche, but his great grandparents were orphans and weren't able to pass down Comanche traditions, something he's been immersed in since arriving in Lawton.

"There is a closeness, a family type of environment.  A tight-knit group they take pride in.  It's something they pass on, they continue on and that they are proud of. They're extremely proud of their heritage, so much so they've invited all of us here to learn about it," Guyer said.

Guyer is eager to learn about his heritage and is doing so by hearing from Comanche artist Ed Houser.

They also experience the Comanche powwow in Walters.

Guyer says this is what he will be able to bring back to his students in Texas and teach them more than the small blurbs in high school history books.

"This culture has been here for thousands of years, yet, we touch on it so little, but we can spend weeks on Ancient Egypt and Ancient Mesopotamia," Guyer said.

Being in San Antonio Guyer says his students still need to learn about the Comanche Indians.

"The one thing about the Comanche is they were in Texas.  Texas was Comanche land; especially San Antonio was an outpost where they would stage.  San Antonio was one of the borderlands for Comancheria," Guyer said.