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ZombieCon: Cameron class looks at apocalyptic preparedness

LAWTON, Okla._An unusual summer class is being taught at Cameron University, 'Zombies and Politics.'

The goal for the class was to get students to look at ways any disaster, including a zombie outbreak, would cause political officials to respond. Tuesday, the group held a ZombieCon at the CETES conference center on campus where folks came to see what exactly they had been studying, and what they came up with. Professor Wendy Whitman Cobb says this class has made the students think critically about real life situations.

"You know, we don't really think about it all that often what we would do in a crisis. A lot of families might have an action plan, but even the government has their action plans and it's important to think about what we would do from a societal view point even after it all falls apart," said Cobb.

She says they plan to offer this class every other summer.

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