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Fundraiser: Cache Fire Department hopes to replace brush truck

CACHE, Okla._The Cache Fire Department is still recovering from thousands of dollars in damage they sustained during the May floods, and they're asking for your help.

They're left with just one operational brush truck. The department’s other brush truck was damaged beyond repair when it was washed away by rushing water during a rescue attempt. The new truck and equipment to go with it is expected to cost the department about $54,000. So, they're hosting a fundraiser this weekend to help buy it.

The department realized they needed a few other things during the May floods, including more flotation devices. This caused Cache Fire Chief Dale Winham to get thrifty with operations when lives were at stake.

Winham recalled a water rescue where he had to use a water jug to save a life. He realized then they needed more floatation devices to keep not only citizens safe, but also the rescuers.

"We're not a swift water rescue team, once we get involved in a water rescue operation, my job as fire chief is to provide as much protection as I can to those firefighters to make sure they go home," Chief Winham explained.

Buying this equipment was one of the reasons the department decided to host their first fundraiser in about seven years. They filed for FEMA grants and insurance, but they don't think it be will be nearly enough, especially with wildfire season upon us.

"We're preparing for that. We're short a truck and just trying to meet everyday responses is sometimes financially burdening," Chief Winham said.

So, Saturday, July 25, they'll serve Indian tacos at the Marie Snyder building in Cache. Winham says they are pulling out all the stops to provide the best tacos possible. And that his wife, among others, are consulting help from the experts.

"They've been trained on how to make these Indian tacos, and how to prepare the food. In fact, the individuals that are the experts are going to help us prepare it and serve it. We want to make sure the taste is really what an Indian taco is supposed to be," Chief Winham said.

Winham says they plan on having fire trucks and multiple firefighters out there Saturday. An Indian taco and drink is $6, and they will have snow cones for $3. There will also be a donation jar at the event.

The Masonic Lodge has donated $500 to help cover the cost of the tacos. Winham says they have also received a gracious donation from an anonymous donor.

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